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Preschool Quality at Daycare Prices

Why do parents choose us?

We love getting feedback from our families.  Many of them either tried another center for a while, or toured a few in the area.  Our happy families tell us that we stand out because we...

...are a Four-Star Quality First preschool.  This award was earned because we offer an academic experience, have age-appropriate materials and because our teachers interact with our students to help them learn.   Other centers may offer daycare; we offer more.

...have a Head Start program.  We provide free preschool classes to qualifying 4 and 5

year-olds. Even our families not yet in the program feel confident knowing that they are going to one of the few schools in Phoenix that has earned the right to host Head Start classes. 

...offer 3 meals and snacks every day.  No time for breakfast in the morning?  No problem!  No energy to cook at night?  We offer hot dinners too!

...are affordable.  We accept DES, have a limited number of scholarships and have super-competitive rates.  No school offers more for less!


Safe and loving care, with the stimulation your infant needs to grow


Building confidence as we explore our world, with supportive and experienced teachers


Academic Head Start Program with emphasis on literacy, math concepts and social skills


Before & After School

Pick up and drop off to/from school; a place to finish homework;   breakfast and hot dinner included



Kids Can Doodle

3552 W. Glendale Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85051

(602) 347-9866

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